A Genuinely Good Guy

Every Friday night I like to enjoy a quick drink down at the bar, along with something to eat. This past Friday when I went I was approached by a man that said he knew me. When I asked him how he said he remembered my name from a credit card. Apparently I had had gay sex with him and he was also the one who processed my card number. When he said this I laughed out loud and asked if I could buy him a drink. We ended up hanging out the rest of the night and filling each other in on our favorite things to do and what we did for a living. I was surprised that he was in to me because he was beautiful and had an amazing personality. But you never know, some men would rather have a genuine guy rather than a macho man who is conceded.

How Lucky Am I?

I still cannot believe what happened to me last weekend! It was my 23rd birthday and all my friends pitched in to rent two hotel rooms that we all stayed at for the entire weekend. The first night we were there, we hit up the clubs, all the hot spots and lived life to the fullest. But, on the second night I had more fun than I ever thought I could have. My best friend in the world hired a man from Leicester escorts to go out to the clubs with me that night. The man I met up with was extremely handsome and had a smile to die for. I am still in awe about how amazing he looked and how lucky I was to have scored such an awesome date. I don’t care if he was an escort, he was still my date that night and I got to show him off to the entire city!

A Great Impression

So I hired Nottingham escort agency had for my 50th class reunion last weekend. I wanted to show all my old friends up with a beautiful lady and expensive suit. I know I really shouldn’t be someone I’m not but all my friends are living the high life now and I am still the same old guy that has been doing the same thing for 25 years. I don’t want everyone thinking I am some bum that has done nothing with his life so it was important to me to do what I did. It sucks I had to lie, but it the long run there last impression of me will be a very good one. To me, that is what truly makes me happy. Opinions are everything in my world.

Deserting the College Dorm

Since an early age, I had planned to go to college for a better future. This was a dream I worked hard for, and I saved everything I could to achieve it. Costs have been going up for years, and I knew it would be difficult to afford. Living in the dorms seemed to be the least expensive option, but it turned out to be a bad place to do any serious studying.

A few other friends in college felt the same way I did, and we decided to look into getting our own place. All of us needed to watch the costs, but we finally found a reasonable house for rent within commuting distance. Unknown to any of us, this turned out to be a neighborhood with plenty of young, single women looking for dates. We have found there is plenty of local casual sex in London whenever we throw a party, and we do that every weekend these days.

An Unfamiliar Place

I am going on my two week vacation next month and I am trying to plan out my entire trip from the moment I step foot out of my house. I usually just go with the flow, but for once I just want to feel secure in what I am doing. Right now the only thing I have planned out is my date with Nottingham escorts the night I arrive and the hotel I will be staying at. I am doing research on the area to add some more things to my “to do list”. I have not left state in awhile or gone out anywhere so I am going to try and make this as fun as possible. I am going on my own so I really need to learn how to be independent in an unfamiliar area. We will see how well that works for me.

Got Game!

I have a dog that I have never fixed and it seems like every time that I turn around that she is in heat. The Humane Society wants way more money than I can pay to get her fixed, they won’t even help me out and let me do payments! I work a full time job but I have certain bills that come out of my check each week. I’ve been repaying student loans and bad debt for several years and I always just want to give up. I am waiting on her vet to call me back and I have checked in with a couple of other places offering discounts for pets. I take her for a walk and it seems like she has a fuck buddy at every other house. They bark at each other through the fences and it is very annoying, I wish I had game like my dog!

Life In The Real Estate Business

I am one of the top selling real estate agents in my area and have been for many years. Over the years I have built up so much clientele that sometimes gets very overwhelming. I never thought that I would of been in this profession, it is great! One of the reasons I have some many clients is because I am honest upfront and really try and find them exactly what they are looking for.

On my last sale I made over 20 grand and wanted to treat myself to something nice. I paid for me and my local shags to set out on a cruise for ten days. It was the first time that any of us had ever been on one. The entertainment was outstanding and I think that they had about every kind of food available to eat. My favorite spot was the bar that was on the main floor by the pool.

Travel Plans

One of my friends came into town the other day. She was so excited because she has started a new career. She is a writer, and she said she has expanded her horizons. She does escort search engine optimisation. We talked all evening long about the possibilities of her new life.

For a long time she worried that writing alone would not be enough to support her. She worked a day job as a data entry clerk from home. She was tied to one place with that job as she had to get work from a local office, process it and bring it back at the end of the week. She was tired of that routine and wanted to be able to travel.

Now that she has her new writing job, she makes more than enough money to go wherever she wants. She has plans to see the entire country this year. She claims she will go overseas and explore the world over the next few years. I am so very happy for her and hope her new life is everything she wants it to be.