Travel Plans

One of my friends came into town the other day. She was so excited because she has started a new career. She is a writer, and she said she has expanded her horizons. She does escort search engine optimisation. We talked all evening long about the possibilities of her new life.

For a long time she worried that writing alone would not be enough to support her. She worked a day job as a data entry clerk from home. She was tied to one place with that job as she had to get work from a local office, process it and bring it back at the end of the week. She was tired of that routine and wanted to be able to travel.

Now that she has her new writing job, she makes more than enough money to go wherever she wants. She has plans to see the entire country this year. She claims she will go overseas and explore the world over the next few years. I am so very happy for her and hope her new life is everything she wants it to be.